underweight rabbit causes

The excess fat can also put pressure on the rabbits essential organs while the rabbit is laying on their back on the surgery table. For example, the animal's body may start using lean muscle for energy in order to carry out its daily functions. This is a recipe for weight gain and eventual health complications. Dewlaps are common among female rabbits, who develop them to get more nesting material. Normally rabbits would easily be able to keep themselves clean, but obese rabbits will often have trouble reaching around their fat to clean up the poop that is stuck to their fur. › Forum › DIET & CARE › Proper diet for an underweight rabbit? House Rabbit Society. The causes for obesity in rabbits include being caged too often, along with excessive feeding habits. Make a fist with your hand and then feel the knuckles. Their pellets meet all the highest standards for fortified rabbit foods, including a very high percentage of fiber, which is good for a rabbit’s digestion. It is common for people to feed their rabbit’s too many treats (because they are just so cute when they beg), or give them a diet high in pellets and low in the essential, fiber-dense hay. You should be able to easily touch the ribs of the rabbit, and the ribs should feel rounded to the touch with a thin layer of fat, and not sharp (sharp ribs are an indication of an underweight rabbit). Type 1 diabetes is commonly diagnosed in children. Aside from the underlying health problems, it is necessary to search for the factors which may be contributing to the eating behavior of rabbits. It is very difficult or impossible to feel the hips, spine and ribs. Adult rabbits: Adult rabbits sometimes face a big challenge as they reduced activity and perhaps due to painful arthritis can cause lose weight. There are many reasons a rabbit may be underweight. This article brings you the 3 best rabbit foods for weight gain along with a weight gain guide for your rabbit. Underweight rabbits may be physically incapable of breeding successfully. Some bunnies suffer from malnourishment in the first few years of their lives. If people are telling you that you have a "skinny baby," you may be worried that you need to do more to produce those touted baby rolls. The main cause of obesity in rabbits is an unhealthy diet. If undetected, this can be fatal for rabbits within a 48 hour time period. This is an extremely serious illness, and if not treated as soon as possible may result in liver failure and death. I am a lifelong rabbit lover and have been specializing with rabbits at my local animal shelter. In some cases, an aging or ill rabbit might need special dietary plans. (9 Posts) Add message | Report. “Practical Nutrition.”, Mead, Marie. What is the best way to get these rabbits back up to weight? It is especially a danger for obese rabbits, who often have an imbalance of bacteria in their gut, and have extra fat putting pressure on their sensitive digestive tract. When rabbits are injured or ill, veterinarians will suggest a home care plan. First, you might be wondering how to know if your rabbit is fat. You should be able to touch each of these bones easily, but they should be rounded with a layer of fat, and not sharp to the touch. In addition, many large rabbits were originally meant to be meat rabbits, so they were bred to gain weight quickly and have a calmer, less active demeanor. Add the new diet with the old one to help your pet in getting used to it. This will often cause the elderly rabbit to be reluctant to move around. Weight gain in rabbits can be caused by: Diet and exercise. Obese rabbits can also suffer from sleep apnea. This is good for their teeth and is high in fiber, making it an essential part of their digestive system. What to feed an underweight rabbit? Many pet rabbits are fed a diet with too many pellets. Some additional liver diseases are briefly mentioned toward the end of the article. But some rabbits suffer from malnourishment early in life. They are more likely to become ill or otherwise unwell. Many of those conditions include pain that makes it hard for a rabbit to eat. Their appetite will naturally start to wane as they move around less. With the exception of some larger breeds of rabbits, males will not usually form dewlaps. As rabbits get older they lose muscle mass and may develop arthritis. This will give your rabbit some space to move around even when you are not home during the day. GI Stasis is a condition that occurs when a rabbit’s gut slows down or stops completely. If your rabbit is severely obese, you can probably tell just by looking. Without intervention, gastrointestinal hypomotility can result in GI stasis. Good foods for underweight rabbits? Alfalfa hay is not recommended for most adult house rabbits, as it is too high in calcium content and calories, but can be offered free choice to young, pregnant or underweight rabbits. They can also get bored and depressed if they are left in a cage all day with no toys to play with or chew on, leaving them with nothing to do but eat and sleep all day. If you are currently giving your rabbit a fruity rabbit food mix, you will want to transition them over to plain timothy-based pellets. Or maybe their daily dry food has those colorful fruity bits in the mix. Ehrlich. Sugar or honey – one rabbit owner I know added sugar or honey to her rabbit’s food to get them to gain weight. rabbit’s teeth in good health and promote optimal digestive function. Viewing 19 reply threads Elderly rabbits are also at risk. Some of the common causes of being underweight includes improper nutrition, intensive physical exercise, heredity issues, chronic illness, side effects of medications, physiological issues. You can test if your rabbit is obese by feeling for their ribs, spine and hips. It will look like your rabbit has a double chin. Fresh Foods. The rabbit may even have layers or rolls of fat. When bonding rabbits, you want to make sure you are careful when you introduce the rabbits. link to Why Do Rabbits Breathe Fast and When is it Dangerous? A rabbit that you can feel but not easily see the ribs on is typically a three. Exercise is particularly important, as it will get the juices flowing through the rabbits body, encouraging them to drink and urinate more frequently. A rabbit savvy vet will also be able to check for any underlying diseases. Obesity is dangerous for our rabbits because of the many health problems that can result from the extra weight. link to Caring For a Rabbit Before and After Neuter or Spay Surgery. You also want to change your rabbits diet so that they will be eating more hay and less pellets. A rough and unclean surface can be a contributing factor, but the primary cause of this condition is the weight of the rabbit’s body on its hock and feet. If your pet rabbit is losing weight and they have diarrhea or their poop seems small and oblong, they may be experiencing digestive issues. When you take your pet out of the cage, make sure it gets enough time to be active. Always give it fresh and clean water every day. Determining the exact cause of malnutrition will help veterinarians prescribe the right home care plan for every bunny. Often times rabbit will appear to lose weight because they have shed their thicker winter coat, and you are able to see the rabbits body more easily with the thinner, summer coat. It is common for people to feed their rabbit’s too many treats (because they are just so cute when they beg), or give them a diet high in pellets and low in the essential, fiber-dense hay.

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