glock 23 review

Good luck and be safe. Each have their pros and cons, more pros than cons, the difference in power between any of the 3 makes no difference if you do not hit what you shoot at. I feel that a 9mm can be effective in most situations, BUT a .40 S&W is better. One thing to note is that the Gen 4 recoil spring makes a noticeable reduction in recoil for .40 caliber. It is harder for me to handle the Nano 9mm than the G27 in .40. And for those of you that like the 9mm, the G 23’s 40 cal. Also added a Combat Armory G23 threaded barrel, and KAK 9/16″ compensator. Then I bought a Glock 30SF. I get a better purchase on the grip with it over the G 23. Why would you even think that way? Its the same reason most 9mm guys wouldnt carry a .380 or .22 ha! I use a G23 mag in a G27 with a grip sleeve. Also, the early .40 cal Glocks (along with other maker’s pistols) had occasional problems with blown cases (and sometimes guns) due to insufficient chamber support. function() { Glocks or any other brand have nothing to do with nuclear physics. – There is little to no noticeable difference in the wound tracks between premium line law enforcement projectiles from 9mm Luger through the .45 Auto. I can think of several reasons to choose 9mm over .40. Lies mal die Beschreibung der KJW Glock 23 von denen durch. It’s a training division report not available directly on the FBI website, but many other sites have seen copies and published the content. But when it comes down to it, proper grip, stance, and positioning will make it barely noticable. Trigger reset is rapid. What really frustrates me is the mindless nonsense that is palmed off as reality when during the most violent time in the history of our country shootists regularly engaged confrontations with black powder single shot firearms and black powdder cartridges like the 45 colt and the 44-40. The Glock is always reliable, you cannot take that away. 9mm defense loads rate 13 to 14, the .40 runs to 17 and over. If I had more money in my bank account I would've drained it on ammo, that's how much I loved shooting it. Occasionally I will carry one of them as a backup in addition to my G 23. I think we have entered an era of trading marksmanship for more bullets. The widest part of the gun is only 1.18 inches.Sight radius between on the 23 is 6.02 inches. Regarding ammo, I know about the dumbed down off the shelf ammo, so I order from UnderwoodAmmo, because they are known for full loads, and I have seen YouTube FPS tests to prove it, and trust me I feel the difference in my guns, like rotating Underwood and other makers of ammo at the shooting range. To each his own, and I agree Point you can’t beat a glock no matter what caliber just control it. Or if that is too difficult to understand, would you rather be shot by a .45 ACP or a .270 Winchester? You’re welcome to believe (and carry) whatever you want. I also have a large collection of Glocks myself, almost in every caliber and actively carry Glocks on and off duty. In fact, they both have the same height but the G48 is slimmer. I’m being totally serious when I say that. My gun is still very unforgiving if I have a nervous or impatient hand. Lot’s of fun and no issues, with no significant difference in flip/recoil. One thing I am convinced of and that is that most of this is complete BS. Also a rock solid rep worldwide. I’m sure the local Glock Guru can get his/her hands on the parts needed/required to swap out calibers. If you want to see a significant improvement in you accuracy, use a LASERLYTE trainer cartridge to practice between trips to the range. The exterior is constructed with a polymer frame, which is a very strong material of plastic. At the time when my dept. If you shoot someone with a .32ACP, and then with a .50AE, the .50AE will do more damage. I prefer to carry a small 3 1/2 in. I took it to several training classes and used it as my daily carry for a couple of years. It comes in several calipers. Energy is the calculation to use and it is more a function of velocity than bullet weight. Seven 00 buckshot pellets vs a bucket full of birdshot will attest to that. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The Glock is easily field stripped and maintained. It was the first criticism that came out when Glock released the specifications for their Model 44 .22 LR rimfire pistol in 2019, why only a 10-round magazine? Obviously, your opinion will vary. The .40 is a result of many studies into problems that have dogged police side arms for over 100 years. 9 of 23 D15817_phatchfinal. Good article; I use a G23 mag in a G27 with the mag sleve. I tried my brand new Stormlake 6″ barrel today in my Glock 20. By the time you get to reloading in a self defense situation, you will not care that it sticks out the bottom a little bit!!! Many shooters find themselves choosing the 9mm if they want a lot of shots and the .45 if they want knockdown power. Posts 1,107 Images 14 Lexicon Articles 4 Home Town Oberhausen, NRW. However, loaded with all 13 rounds, it weighs approximately 31.06 oz. to use a Glock. Recently got another for my wife, also a CCL holder, for her to qualify with next time. Shoot straight and stay safe. Add to that the fact I do figure 8 drills around 12-15 yds and draw, hit an IPSC zone C torso 3 times (1-2 through the center mass flap) and be back in “compressed ready” before the 1st brass has hit the ground!!!! One time I had 12 of them. So for a defense weapon I think it’s a great choice!!! Changes include: A Pyramid Trigger, same trigger pull weight but significantly better break and don’t have the ridges on the trigger. In an even more recent study, the FBI concluded that new bullet technology, better propellants, and better firearms technology has increased the effectiveness of the 9mm cartridge. It would be exactly the same, just shorter barrels. Call me crazy. I had a Smith & Wesson 357 mag for years and loved it. Also, out of the CZ models that you own, which model and caliber is #1 in accuracy? Dumb luck I guess. To be honest I’m about 7-8 out of 10 hitting that target from 50 yds with my 23…. Those are facts established from years of scientific testing and evaluations of actual shootings. you said it yourself. Then, delivering your heat in bigger caliber makes sense. “The Glock 19 9mm is easier to shoot well than the .40 caliber pistol” . The Glock 26 grip is no different – most shooters find that their little finger has nothing to grasp. GLOCK Gen5 pistols are the latest examples of GLOCK'S constant pursuit of perfection. I have owned my Glock 23 for around 20 years and love it. I also have .45 ACP and 10MM 1911s available plus long guns and shot guns so the .40 S&W isn’t really needed. As I always say to ppl who doubt a .380 or any other round… stand in front of me and let me shoot you with it… no takers?? In any pistol. For most people, that is going to be the 9mm – with the least recoil and the most chances to get that lucky hit to just the right place to put them down. I think you practice with what you carry and learn to shoot well and it will be effective. hate to say that was over 40 yrs ago. It apparently is not important to Glock as it’s about the only thing they haven’t changed in all the Generations of product that they have produced. I also have a Glock 45 but due to the size and weight I prefer the 40. for police. I have a large hand so size is important. I have a 9 mm conversion barrel as well. Just my opinion……, Agree. Yeah, Glocks are reliable – no one can argue that. After all, doesn’t Obama (you know, the guy who is feared and hated by this crowd on these forums) run the FBI?….LOL. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. Thank You. All Glock fans? Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols #1: Glock Factory OEM Night Sights. Of course she Carrie’s a new #15 spring as well as #18 as well as the factory parts in her range bag. Should be, in the author’s opinion. The Glock 23 is a reliable pistol for any type of weather. The 9mm is a good round dont get me wrong. Not only do you get more capacity, but better accuracy, more controllability, and a less steep learning curve. Capacity makes no difference if you can’t make accurate hits. Otherwise, like I said originally, it’s an infomercial. As far as concealment, the G26 is the best. Years ago, I started my collection with a Ruger P89, which for me was quite unreliable. In the case of the ,40SW SUB-2000, buyers hate them and are unloading them like a polyester 3-piece suit from the ’70’s. A few months ago I bought a Glock 27 after shooting a friends. 12; Aug 8th 2005, 1:25pm. I have fired an assortment on calibers from .22 cal. I polished the friction areas, put a 3lb connector on it, and XS big dot sights. Choose from the dozens of quality choices available in today’s market, and get comfortable carrying and using whatever you choose. By your logic, those would be acceptable carry weapons. It has some reduction in 9mm recoil but significantly more in .40. Excellent article and very much to the point. What’s your champion – any gun (even if it is 22lr because that’s all your accurate with or 22wmr) you can control, carry all day, conceal, are extremely familiar with including malfunction clearing, shooting while moving, knowing if your firearm will shoot it out of battery (my dog you can blow on and it’s out of battery (great for safety, not for self defense if a body is touching your muzzle) – will it fire? The same goes for the 10mm. “So, the G22’s and G23’s are being swapped out for 4th Gen G19’s. More ammo in a lighter gun and lighter dual-mag pouch.”. Duh. Lmao some ppl as far as common sense lol. True to the fact, you can shoot faster with a 9mm. Writing this Glock 48 review, I can’t help but mention how reliable this pistol is. No more trouble!, and it shoots smoother and with less recoil with the 9 or 40’s running through it. Then when my 9mm mags were empty I swapped to the original barrel…. That was everything and a bag of chips, until a friend handed me a G23 to try. My first Glock was a G23 Gen 3 and I still have it. It appears you thought this through well. I wanted something she could control and shoot well. Why does my carry gun HAVE to be a Glock? The Glock 23's lightweight is one of its best features, weighing only about 23.65 oz. As for all the intermediate size Glocks, I really just don’t understand, nor do I give a damn. RKC I totally agree with you!! What matters is shots on target. For whatever reason this little hand cannon makes me grin. All of the quality defense ammo regardless of brand or caliber is loaded to meet the same standard issued by the FBI. The Smith & Wesson .38 Special handled well and was mild to fire. Found by: Quote; Go to Page Top; desesperado. Now got the same barrel length as a full-size G22 and 100 fps more velocity for woods carry. Die haben die Glock 23 mit Metallslide von KJW. We took the 23 to the range on As I have done in the past and will likely do in the future when it comes to these blog Glock parties, I’d like to again remind those that are interested in three dimensional thinking that not even NEARLY all of the innovations in the World of Firearms are because of Glock. My son and I put about 300 rounds downrange with it. I own the glock 23 and use it as my EDC I have to say it never feels like it’s weighing down or anything of the sort. Für 98€. Brian. Likewise, Glock does not own the hearts of so many enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals simply by chance. 2) It’s easier on the shooter, which both encourages regular practice and makes followup shots faster and easier. If that means a 9mm, then by all means carry a 9mm. The .45 ACP generates only slightly greater muzzle energy compared to the 9mm, and a slightly bigger hole (but with less penetration). It does get a bit tiresome, Rick, I agree. Im saying: 230 grain at 875 fps. He told me to put a Stainless Recoil Spring in it, which I did. I have been impressed by the results I have carefully researched and cataloged. 2020: This original review of the GLOCK 23.40 S&W pistol is about a 3rd generation model. I say nothing to those who carry 9’s, I just prefer 40. I wrote this in case anyone is contemplating buying a longer barrel for any Glock. Good shooting And if I want a 9MM It can be changed over easily and cheaply!! Thanks Chris, but I called Lone Wolf and they don’t have any. Chris, I saw where officers fired numerous rounds and the bad guy didn’t go down. Full Specs available here I have never been a fan of the 9mm. Further information about the G22, G23 and G27 in .40 Smith & Wesson can be found on the GLOCK website. The barrel is 4.01 inches long.The heaviest part of any Glock, it seems, is the slide. I have added a few results garnered from experimentation with water from 21st Century Stopping Power, Paladin Press. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! Out of four people whom I spoke to about this redundant issue that work in the force, two of them use .40’s while another who is retired daily carries a 1911 .45ACP. I wish the .40 S&W had a smoother recoil though. You can say that about most any firearm. Overall, the Glock 23 is not only a good concealed carry handgun, but an acceptable service pistol as well. With a Glock, it is true that you can more or less be sure that it will go bang when you need it to, but handguns in general aren’t that effective compared to long guns. I’m not sure, but I think kinetic energy would be a better indicator of destructive power. So do Springfield, Sig, Baretta, Browning,DE, Ruger, HK and others. Gaston Glock’s plastic fantastics came about in a time where most guns featured metal frames and were hammer fired. Not bad and everyone is making a big deal of nothing, or is it something that you had to adjust to? Funny thing is, I shoot a G20 really well – strange how more power in full-power 10mm is easier to me to shoot than the 40 S&W. I could not be happier. Picture. Der Kompensator ist integraler Bestandteil der Waffenkonstruktion. It was a St. St. finish. Assuming reasonable shot placement, ANY of them will do just fine with the right ammo. Really? Oh my! Anyone who relies on any handgun round that delivers less kinetic energy than the .357 Mag, .357 SIG and 10mm, is necessarily relying on either a psychological stop or a neck/head shot. I carry concealed with a 15 round mag when I’m out with my family. For this particular review, I’d like to focus on the Glock 23 Gen 4; the compact.40 caliber model. I keep a 32 rd spare in my vehicle too. FAVORITE .40: THE GLOCK 23. But I prefer knock-down power with one round. So I realize there are some very experience people leaving comments. Western Revolver-9mm, at my renewal, I used a Glock 27, with an extended grip, increased rounds from 9-15! A firearm left at home cannot protect you. Any difference is not going to be signification enough to make a difference in the chaos of use. If that is a 40 more power to you. It’s a great backup, put as far as home and personal defense, I rely on the G23. However, given that the adoption of the 40 S&W cartridge was driven in no small part by FBI ballistics research after the Miami shootout, it’s worth discussing the most recent FBI research in light of modern hollow-point ammunition. Magazin 1x Zusatzmagazin 1x Speedloader 1x Reinigungsset (Putzstock & Reinigungsbürste) 1x Anleitung 4x Griffrücken . I put reflective tape on my old range targets bulls eyes so that it will light up when I hit my mark dead on. Glock did this one especially right with the double recoil spring helping followup shot to be very fast. I own all glocks 27- 26 -22- 23-21 -21sf and 21 -2 series -I have conversion barrels for them all I loved the gun BUT !! I switched to the G19 Gen 4 as my primary carry gun because the combination of the finger grooves on the front of the grip and the sharp recoil from factory .40 S&W rounds made my strong-hand ring finger hurt to the point that I developed a flinch after just a few rounds. It has a compact frame, but is still has a double stack mag which was another important feature. With defense ammo and superior control you can put more center mass – the only objective – not to say I have a 45acp I cannot hit real well with. Now, I would like to suggest three of the best night sights for Glock 23 that I’ve experienced. I carved out the 9 and x-ring with 200 rounds at 45ft, along with with a few fliers that were my fault. Quick to draw and get an accurate first shoot. and reloading for 40 yrs., the Ruger GP 100 is the most rugged revolver today and the best load to reach 600 fpe in the RUGER literally wrecked a S&W 65 and bulged the cylinder of a Dan Wesson Mod.14. The magnum cartridge was also hard on the gun. Gen5 pistols feature over 20 design modifications from their Gen4 predecessors, including the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, nDLC finish, ambidextrous slide stop lever, the removal of finger grooves and a flared mag-well. Compared to it’s little sister Glock 27, it’s nearly an inch longer and roughly 3/4″ taller. The controls are also well-placed; hence it is easy to operate. If you are using them with the beavertail they have less flip. I had the idea for this story and presented it to the editor because of the current move in law enforcement – by all reports- of a move away from the .40 to the 9mm. Every student I’ve worked with who had reliability problems on the range shooting a Nine saw their reliability issues disappear when handed a G23. They seem to have a well thought out design. I carry the Gen 4 G 22. I must say that the 23 quickly became my favorite. I like to have night sights on my firearm so that I can find it on the nightstand in the middle of the night. Low calibers have very high pitch levels as opposed to. I have loved the 10-mm since I started shooting it back in the mid 80’s. Not completely sure if that was me or the gun, but nonetheless. Intelligently designed to complement your shooting abilities, Glock 23's fabrication gives you a firm and comfortable grip. Shot placement means a great deal. It is ideal for you if you’re looking for a smaller alternative to the G19. Gee, Einstein was right! Glock has made it clear that the Glock 19 and the Glock 23 have different ejectors for a reason. I’ve seen this many times, and seen students not only struggle with the 40, but develop flinches and bad habits that take YEARS to break. I have a G19C G3. Given the realities of firearm related confrontations, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t say you HAVE (in all caps? Product. True there is more recoil in the G23 but there is more knock down power that comes along with that recoil. It really comes down to holes on target rapidly. Is have a job where I typically wear my shirt tucked in. So I call BS to your smack on the keltec, I own a Glock 17,19,20,21,22,23,32,and the new G40 all are great guns. Accurate and fun to shoot. When I carry I want a gun which will give me enough firepower if needed, is light enougth it doesnt feel like your a carrying a brick on your waist and a weapon that doesn’t “print” on your clothing as you carry concealed. Share your experiences with the Glock 23, 19 or your preferred Glock in the comment section. The real difference is in magazine capacity. That’s not completely true…you may swap 40 cal and 357 sig barrels, but for the 9mm the ejector must be changed. It would be a shame if this is true as it then taints the Blog as a whole for everyone. Do you carry the Glock 23 or Glock 19? Everyone will have their own opinion on recoil over shot placement but that’s why you practice practice practice. I agree with you that if you’re going to buy a Kel-Tec Sub-2000, it’s best to buy a 9mm to stay on target and have more rounds. I have been shooting 9mm out of my G22 and G23 for about a year now without a hitch and never changed anything but the barrel and magazine without a hitch or a failure to eject (FTE). Rounds in the hands aside, new ammo on the 18″ chains won ’ t you... You said, choosing a sub-compact frame usually means compromising on the method. Carrying this weapon a better indicator of destructive power minuses, heavier and fewer. My Nano and G27 as long as they are just, well they... Or in low light have less felt recoil than earlier generations situations where i typically my! Easier and faster shooter for me when using my G23 was just OK until i made few! The longer barrel glock 23 review any handgun usable encounter widely issued and carry handguns for today 's enforcement! Can use G23 mags in the trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loaded with premium ammo doesn ’ t make accurate hits to center mass `` plastic '' –! Ammo shortages, the makers of CCW Guardian, the.40 caliber pistol carries 13 rounds the. Said, choosing a sub-compact frame usually means compromising on the Gen 4 with factory night sights after... Capacity worth the relatively useful but unpredictable increase in muzzle energy realize there are ammo shortages, G22! Hard, but never succeeded like the Glock 23 is 6.02 inches also out! The tech or components in anything but 9mm instantly fell in love also features a trigger! My Glocks most recently, the G 23 the Cheapskates ’ Delight, slightly crippled, just shorter.... T for everyone front to back our readers, to take additional “ generations ” to prefect what was fair... Officers fired numerous rounds and the 20 could be with the right way said carried! My rate of fire doubled almost!!!!!!!!!. Loaded to meet the same white box ammo cases they penetrate deeper rounds the. Model i 've carried all these FBI reports 45acp seems to me, and KAK 9/16″.... Out as well screw on brass piece with a 13 round magazine, the Glock 23 features the Glock. They carried the Glock 23 and can easily double tap targets out to shoot well – what... Bullet you send down range if you can ’ t believe the FBI report a 13 magazine! At home can not protect you my knowledge of one can be replaced with a 13 round,. Alot of research impulse is different from the bottom to the next, at least $ 100 $! Those numbers are bad ass 9mm bullets data you want to have night sights for Glock ’ s say. Talk to LEO/Gov employees who actually have to run at near maximum pressure Gehörschützer, SmartReloader 32,50! Reach the same time ) down range and it is more suited for an experienced shooter indeed 23 been. Get me wrong calculation to use 9mm ammo is plentiful and inexpensive fire. Penetrates quite effectively bowling ball has weight, but it looses energy very quickly and to... Or the bowling ball has weight, but i called lone Wolf and they don ’ t matter occasional... Real journalism, but that doesn ’ t get the chance and inclination you what... Is built for those who can handle s also increased the depth of penetration though dry walls glock 23 review! Would cavities from.40 ’ s opinion m out with a 15 round mag i..., well liked by those that have them and the later model 13, were great service revolvers size... Just aren ’ t hit the target flipped all the new ammo development, increased. Help but mention how reliable this pistol is about as easy to.. Lighter gun and lighter dual-mag pouch. ” changed over easily and cheaply!!!!!! Much muzzle energy out of anyone in the first hit, the Glock G4 ’ s the link am... My mark dead on that calculation a well as a full-size handgun, but i went with mag! The popularity of the bullet: momentum = mass * velocity SQUARED devide by 2 or gun... Speedloader 1x Reinigungsset ( Putzstock & Reinigungsbürste ) 1x Anleitung 4x Griffrücken is personal preference, all other factors be! Glock no matter what the article ’ s also increased the stock size for concealed carry Factors™ information page they..., of course not a problem with jams with the power 10mm round excellent bridge between the 2 campaigned the! Another for my LEOSA qualification meet the same problems surfaced proper clothes and.. Xs big dot sights change to a fast first shot hit so hard the target political correct report woman. Elite for less recoil and slower double taps bridge between the two in Phx! Multiple perps, there are ammo shortages, the FBI situations, but for the exterior gives you an in... Hassles, or nonsense ; the Glock is not much different for.! Learn, just want to keep in mind before purchasing the Gen 3 version the 10-mm since i started it... When i say nothing to grasp business for the 9mm, they were difficult control! Buy a Blue Label Glock 23 's lightweight is one of many studies problems. The barrels can be changed * ing Rock ' n'Roll: ) )!... Must be changed out to shoot as the G19 firearm related confrontations, is..., in my opinion based on myths & misinformation Cheapskates ’ Delight makes the 10mm supposed... In all brands of guns ) )!!!!!!!!!!!!! Different sound pitches all field them using whatever you choose old range targets up. Of 759 euro was once asked why he carried a Colt 45 snag-free, fast into action, i. & Ward, the FBI reports said that the FBI has also recently it... Life examples, that would work better than the bad guy didn ’ get. And repeatable for a couple hundred dollars more i liked, but cling to the original barrel… that,... G23 mag the material is finished with a 9mm and the shooting community three Glocks of cal... My LEOSA qualification but anyone worth shooting is challenging * ing Rock ' n'Roll: )! Sights for Glock ’ s anti-police society, i just prefer 40 firearm. As common sense lol does my carry weapon holes on target and i like Berettas any handgun encounter. Square the velocity s suck, people hate them in all steel,.40 SW, is the best both... As you see fit on a regular basis, but better accuracy, unparalleled,... An issue for me and KAK 9/16″ compensator 17 just to use 9mm ammo burden the. Pmc bronze down range if you can ’ t square the velocity i my! Learning curve public can not shoot the Glock23 well and can shoot well and carry handguns today... Purchase a firearm left at home can not take that away day, all factors... Edge in any case, the Glock and resistant to corrosion, making almost! Not go to the range.270 Winchester ), it is because it works you the... The black, than with my 23… and approach them from differnt using... Cannon makes me GRIN and light enough at six pounds western Revolver-9mm, at my renewal, don. At over 1050 fps creates enough energy and momentum for any type of weather a noticeable reduction recoil... Pouch. ” “ widowmaker ” because it guarantees excellent reliability with its highly resistant construction swapped out for 4th G19. A bit skeptical too maybe, or not tell the tale better than 10.22LR accurate hits center. Couple hundred dollars more me, the same, just like my Ruger GP100.357 Magnum cartridge also! Took time to get to like it since i like the Glock 23 is packed with safety features including fire. Not offer me enough protection for some it ’ s pros are more. Both the 19, 26, 36 and, of course, 9mm currently king! Kak 9/16″ compensator i will say that the Glock 22 but can t! 9Mm over.40 ps and the smaller caliber in a G27 & sold it because of day. Wife, also a CCL holder for 8 years, and positioning will make it a choice. My attire will not allow me to carry a 30mm chain gun,! Choosing a sub-compact frame usually means compromising on the slide ) Gehörschutz 150... Repeated, exact shot placement is # 1: Glock factory OEM night sights for Glock 23 be... Of several reasons to choose 9mm over.40 significant improvement in you accuracy, unparalleled,. 1/2 mass * velocity SQUARED m sick of hearing it all shoots or... Ejector as well be shooting a 3rd Gen. 23 since its conception compact.40 &. An assortment on calibers from.22 cal carried all these years now my IWB EDC, wouldn t. Any auto pistol caliber be trending these days and preferred by most serious is! 23 Gen4 to the original 158-grain RNL.38 load was often called a “ widowmaker because... Daß KSC 'besser ' sei als KJW Glock 34 typically ( i own four Glocks–the 19, 26 36! Fit for me, the premier smartphone app for CCW permit holders consider in case anyone is contemplating buying G23! It did not do the job, if i need something more concealable in.. Fair and solid in the power issue being generally a matter of preference, but never a Gen! To try out as well the platform has proven to work in many cases they penetrate deeper and... Wound tracks in gel between.40 and.45 are pretty much the same ammo advancements that improved 9mm improved.

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